No more of French Honey Boo Boo!

In 2010, French Vogue published the controversy photos of 10 year girl with over-adult appearance. This controversy pushed the French government to start to consider to ban children beauty competition up to 16 year old in September 2013. This law passed senate however it did not passed up to the president for its too high restriction […]

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Beauty or Booty competition?

Today on Facebook, a shocking video of a beauty competition has appeared where twerking (more like soft porn/ doggy style) was part of a beauty competition and a Czech university was one of the main partners. I am asking myself why in this day and age women feel the need to succumb to such demeaning […]

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What is the Perfect body?

The Time has published on 31st October the recent on going petition to get 25 000 signatures against the Victoria Secret’s unstoppable campaign promoting “unhealthy and unrealistic standards of beauty”. The Victoria Secret has been asked for any comment however there is no replay form them. After 2 weeks of announcing the petition there were made […]

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