Gender role use to increase the sale!

Have you noticed that women have been used in advertisement just for increase the sale of the product. There is a nice example of  advertisements from 1950s/60s and present time which perfectly presents how media saw and see women. Those advertisements perfectly present the women role in society.

The first examples of advertisements are from 1950s/60s. Those advertisements dehumanize the women role in society and show that women should be just at home, her role is to make a good coffee and women can’t drive a car.

The second advertisement is from this year and talks about the women gender inequality. This example shows that media have moved from the past century and realized that women is not just for cooking coffee. However, this campaign is just used for increasing the T-shirt sale. In the second article of this blog I talked about Dove’s campaign that increased Dove’ sale by 700%. This brings a question: does media using the gender role issues only just to increase their sale or do they want to help us?

My questions are:

  1. Do we really want media to use our gender role issues to increased the sale? Or do we want media to help us to fight against those stereotype gender role?
  2. Are women only good to increase the sale? Are we for Sale?


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