What is the Perfect body?

The Time has published on 31st October the recent on going petition to get 25 000 signatures against the Victoria Secret’s unstoppable campaign promoting “unhealthy and unrealistic standards of beauty”. The Victoria Secret has been asked for any comment however there is no replay form them. After 2 weeks of announcing the petition there were made a slight change of the campaign title on the Victoria Secret’s website from ‘The Perfect ‘Body” to ‘A Body For Every Body’. This slight change does not stop the petition campaign as people are aiming for fully remove of the campaign name over the whole stores and posters.

The Victoria Secret is known for their unhealthy and unrealistic advertisement in the past, however this year they have picked a double meaning tittle to their advertisement “the Perfect body” and behind the title there are only thin models with size 0. this bring a wave of criticism as we women can feels be pressure against our weigh and body shape.

Moreover, this action should show to media and all companies that women body has so many different shapes and nobody can prefect just one size and shape!!!


In the past, the Victoria Secret campaign “love my body” were compared to the Dove’s campaign “Real Beauty”. One of many differences of those two campaigns is the deference of the sizes, the Victoria Secret’s models have just size 0 compare to the Dove’s models have size between  6-10.

How you feel about those pictures and which picture shows the perfect body and real beauty?




If you agree with me that Victoria Secret showing “unhealthy and unrealistic standards of beauty”, you might would like to sign this petition and support the campaign again Victoria Secret campaign. It is time to show to those companies and media that they can not undermined our self-esteem for ever!!!

Please sign here:


I have just found another photo as other variation to criticize the Victoria Secret’s campaign. Analyse this photo and see the big differences. Which photo the do you prefer – this one or the fisrt by the Victoria Secret?

perfect body 2








4 thoughts on “What is the Perfect body?

  1. I don’t even understand the advertisement by Victoria’s Secret, it didn’t make any sense from the very beginning! Is it advertising the women or the underwear???

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    1. it is not just for Victoria’s Secret but also another advertisements. Look at most of the perfume’s advertisement – most of time you see only a beautiful model and later you find out that is advertisement for a perfume.


  2. It’s not just Victoria Secret but the media in general that makes women feel dissatisfied with their body images. Being healthy is more important than being skinny. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL DESPITE YOUR DRESS SIZE!

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    1. Thank you Petal for your comment, that is a very good point nobody talk about the important of health. Most of the time you can see at the TV very thin models eating sweets and ice cream what about fruits and vegetables? Now a days, the UK facing a big problem as children are eating less fruits and vegetable and some of children do not know the names of fruits and vegetables.


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