Beauty or Booty competition?

Today on Facebook, a shocking video of a beauty competition has appeared where twerking (more like soft porn/ doggy style) was part of a beauty competition and a Czech university was one of the main partners. I am asking myself why in this day and age women feel the need to succumb to such demeaning behaviuor. This shocking video has caused a mass debate on social media with comments such as: “is it a beauty competition or a b**** competition?”.

This beauty competition is called VSE Miss. The VSE sands for Vysoka Skola Economicka – the University of Economic which is in Prague, The Czech Republic. This university is in the top 100 European Business Universities, however this competition does not represent the quality of the university very well as the participating girls are students of this university. Those girls are mostly described on social media as: ‘s*** who know that after graduation they would need this kind of job as they will not find any job.’

This competition creates a very bad image for this university. The university distanced itself from this competition and took off the university logo from this show however, the beauty competition will continue. The organizer of the Miss VSE posted an apologizing letter where they explained that the partner was in charge of this part of show and during the show the Miss VSE were unable to act. Also the Miss VSE were happy to include the twerking in the programme as it is a new popular dance and the choreographer Anet Antosova has appeared in many TV shows.  Anyway, all those explanations are relevant! If the organizer was willing to act then the show could be stopped in any point however, instead of acting the organizer choose to continue with this show!

In additional to the lack of the organizer’s moral and ethical behavior the university VSE also made a big mistake to authorize the usage of their logo without any legal consequences for inappropriate, presenting the university and their students. The university is responsible for making sure that their students should not be asked to do those soft porn activities on the stage in front of cameras as the university is the one of main partners. Although, the university is supposed to act as an umbrella to protect their students and present them as high-class student ready for future life.

Of course, some of comments on social media point out that the girls have choice to participate in this part of show and some of them even were happy to twerk. However, my concern is targeting the organizer and the university who let those girls act in an inappropriate manner in the beauty show which are supposed to present the high class educated girls to our society. Where is our society going?

What do you think about those photos taken at the Miss VSE beauty competition? Is it a beauty or booty competition?

VSE 2miss-VŠE-833x540EVS4


To be able to see the inside of this issue there is the video which was taken by one of the audience.  You can hear shouting men who hold beers. I would be embarrassed to attend this kid of beauty competition that ends up as a soft porn event which was an enjoyable moment for men!!!



9 thoughts on “Beauty or Booty competition?

    1. Yes, I am sure, mostly when the girl are kneeing on the floor!!! This should not be part of a beauty competition.


      1. It is nice to share your point of view even internationally. However, you should have asked for help cos there are lots of mistakes in your article. Anyway, I agree with you. But I am quite suprised that you were only shocked by the twerking. I am heterosexual, but I think that beauty competitions are on the same level. Walking in little bikini or shaking an ass, it all has just one reason: to show us who is the most “fuckable”. These things should never have anything to do with university, cos it is the direct opposite of education. It is simply ignoring the brain and saying: “Look here are my titties, this is my ass. Do you like that?” I really don´t see any diffecrence between an animal display and this parade. (Soutěž o nejlepší jalovici či krávu) Vojta (and of course, I can only be a sad lonely man, who never gets laid, to have such an opinion 🙂 )

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      2. Dear Vojto, thank you for your comment – however my grammar is not the issue here. I just wanted to give my opinion to this problem because I was very cross by the comments on Facebook which were just against the participating girls and nobody pointed out the inappropriate action of the university or organiser. This just showed how our society is already immoral and unethical as they did not act.
        I agree with you that beauty competitions are not the best way to present woman and in this century it starts to be more sexual show compare to the past. Look at the competitions such as: ‘miss of wet T-shirt’ or ‘miss of biking’.
        However, now a days it is a very big business and it is imposible to stop it and anyway our society like it. Therefore we need to put ground rules to those competitions which would make sure that those shows are more normally and ethically appropriate and not move forwards to a soft porn show!


  1. Re-posting a valid comment from person who left the comment bellow the poll above. Thank you for this comment!

    commenter – 7 hours ago
    “If they want such a completion, they could at least dress those girls. Surely they would feel more dignified.
    Už keď chceli takúto súťaž tak aspoň tie dievčatá mohli trošku obliecť. Určite aj ony by sa cítili dôstojnejsie.”


  2. they shouldn’t dress those girls or undress them, this competition is mere objectification of the female body to suit a purpose that does nothing to advocate for women in any way. Any comment on here, or on facebook, blaming the girls for their behaviour is ‘victim’ blaming, they , the girls themselves are victims of a society that uses and abuses the representation of women to commodify the same, the girls are …in a way… not to blame…society says do this be considered a woman, what else should they do? however, they are complicit, that is not to blame them it is to suggest that if..if…they could be brought to understand that this is not what they need to do to be though ‘womanly’ there might be space for them to say ‘ fuck off i am not doing it’ and protest instead, but the environment has to be provided for them to do that. the problem arises when called feminists…blame rather than support gently and explain the difference.
    I hope that you will have some more comments soon, in the meantime, twerking, and its sexual diminution of the female, needs looking at, its moved from a black form of protest at sexualisation of black women,to a white appropriation of sexual commodified behaviour…who do we blame, should we blame anyone, or should we just denounce it, educationally and hope we can make a difference?

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    1. I believe having a choreographer actually teaching them how to twerk and shake there ass is ridiculous. The competition is a beauty competition not a dance or twerk competition. It’s like theses girls are being force to shake there asses and judge on how well they do shake there asses to win the competition. Also the fact that the University is supporting this is very degrading to females and a shame on the university.

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    2. I agree. The older I get, the less I understand the need for any sort of beauty competitions. They only fuel the superficiality of our societies, suggesting some people are better than others just by looking “more beautiful”. What is beauty anyway?

      And like you said, rather than putting the whole effort on trying to find who to blame, we should aim at increasing the awareness of “victims”.

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  3. prispevek z konverzace na Facebooku:

    ..Květa….Uz jsem na to koukala nekde na ceskych dle myho je to prehnany a s volnou miss to nema nic spolecnyho.dle myho to je ale volba tech co se tam prihlasi,slusna holka by tohle se na me nikdo nezlobi,ale tohle je vystoupeni jak v kdejakym erotickym klubu a cim vic vrti prdeli tim jsou asi lepsi,to asi sedej v porote chlapi ne?za chvilku bude disciplina kdo nejlip vykouří porotci nebo kam to spěje???? Pardon za tento vyraz,ale proste me to napadlo.nazor kdyby moje dcera tohle dělala?asi bych se stydela,ze jsem nezvladla vychovu.odle me jim tohle VSE nenařídila,ale toto si dle myho děvčata vymyslely samy.

    ..Květa….Ale ono se neni nicemu divit,tahle spolecnost se tak chova,je to vidět vsude sex erotika,ano je to soucast zivota,ale nemelo by to byt tak veřejný. Videj to deti odmala tak se neni cemu divit,ze jim tohle prijde pak na vysoky normalni.

    the gist of this comment in English

    Kveta … I have already saw this issue on others Czech website and I think it is exaggerated and it is nothing to do with this competition. Obviously it was a free will of girls who went to this competition however, a decent girl would not do that. I am sorry but this performance look like from a erotic club … What will be next a blow job competition? I am apologizing for this expression but it just come to my mind … If my daughter would attend this competition I would be shame as I did not rise her up well…….

    Kveta….But we can not be surprise. Our society behavior is like that because we can see sex and erotica everywhere. It is part of live but it should not be seen in the public. Our children can see it since their are small therefore we should not be surprise that for students at university it seems to be normal.


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