Naked woman is presented as a piece of furniture!!! recently published a new video of their campaign where a naked woman is presented as a table or lamp!  Kalup believe that in the motorbike world a woman is seen as component/object of desire! But I am asking you: Do we women desire to be presented as a naked piece of furniture? I believe we are more than just a stupid boring piece of furniture!!!

I am a woman and I can not believe that somebody can humiliate a woman’s body just for their fun or to increase their sales!!! I do not care if it is art for a clothing advertisement. I am a human being and I do not desire to be presented in such a way!!! Please join others against this sexist advertisement. This campaign started a huge feminist disagreement in Spain who are bombarding the company since then and requiring the removal of this campaign from the website.

Please sign this petition to ban this campaign:

Here is the justification of their campaign:

“The mentioned fashion photography pictures are our contribution to the world of ‘Man’ where ‘Woman’ and ‘Motorcycles’ are treated as ‘objects’. So we have exaggerated the same in an artistic expression. Advertising should rise emotions. As we are working on a women collection, you will be equally offended seeing how we will treat man in spring next year.”

Ride safe, ride in style.  Kind regards,
Filip Zak – Managing Director
Kalup Machines




4 thoughts on “Naked woman is presented as a piece of furniture!!!

  1. To the advertiser:
    I have nothing against what people do in their private life, about gender orientation or their sex life at all. This is no one else’s business. But advertising is a whole other world. When you create an ad for the world to see, you are sending a message to everyone. And people do not need this message. This company is not selling adult movies, they make clothes! And I can’t understand what kind of message they’re sending out where women are used as objects and simple furniture. Seriously… The world doesn’t need again another statement like this. Is not about ‘political correctness’. Political correctness is about people treated with true respect! This is not a joke with your friends, you are a Company, and companies should have a social responsibility with the roles they portrait in their advertising.

    We are PEOPLE.

    We are not TABLES or inanimated OBJECTS.

    We are tired of being…
    …paid less for the same work
    …killed because we speak up
    …killed because we got away from somebody
    …killed because of… reasons
    …raped, even in our homes by our boyfriends
    …asked to be always nice in every place or moment
    …harassed in the streets
    …harassed the game industry
    …depicted like objects without a will

    Sure there is no problem with fetish and stuff BUT nowadays advertising has to be respectful with people when everyday thousands of people are getting mistreated because they are women, people of color, gay etc. This advertising focusing on women we don’t know acting like objects reinforces a wrong message again. Freedom of speech is your right but… Do you seriously want to send out a confusing message that will be held against women once again to humiliate them?

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  2. As a woman, I think I have never felt so insulted because of an advertisement. Given the huge examples of sexism we have in our daily life, why would that be? I think that they have gone to far hiding the head of the “models” (I wouldn’t say models I would say heteropatriarchy servants, their are models of nothing). Usually we see “models” even naked and in a dominated situation, but at least they keep a human image. In contrast these photos and video, dehumanizes women in an unseen way before (only in very few examples). Here the only thing that matters is our body so we can’t even communicate emotions. So, I hope someday they realize what they did and I think they need feminism lessons.

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    1. As the General Secretary of the Union Of Table Legs I must complain in the most vociferous manner about this outrageous insult to my members’ professional integrity. We grow for many years in various forests around Europe and suffer chopping, turning and carving just so we can provide the world with our services, and now we find that our specialist skills are being usurped by untrained HUMANS!!!

      Mark my words – we shall be having a committee meeting next Thursday and I wouldn’t be surprised to find that there is unequivocal support for industrial action. One out, all out, that’s what I say.


      1. Thank you for your support!I hope that the rest of your union will be with you and go against this selling campaign.
        I did not know that there is an union of table legs. Now I can see that this picture doesn’t evoke just women but your union too. I think it is time to show to that this campaign is not right!


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